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Art experiments

Plastic + Installation - April 2017 @ Zuiderpark - The Hague

Me wrapped in plastic ,thanks to S.

Walk through plastic. (still from video, with S.)

Crackers+wire installation

Blindfolded graffiti - 2017. (Thanks to X for filming, photo's are from the video)

Fake nails on mdf - 2016.

Power drill + paint brush on a canvas - 2016.

Video - Power drill and paint brush.

Hair dryer and chalk markers - 2016.

Video - Hair dryer and chalk markers.

Ribbed cardboard and staples and glue on a canvas - 2016.

1386 black lentils stuck on a canvas - 2013(r.i.p.).

The paint catapult - 2016.

Chalk markers and a eyedropper on canvas and paper- 2016.

Throwing paper plus strong glue on a canvas experiment - 2016.